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MelMoon Bakes
Mixing the flavors of our childhoods in India and Kentucky.

A pop-up bakery mixing the flavors of India & Kentucky

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We deliver cupcakes in san francisco!

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Our signature bake is the Rasmalai Cupcake.  Rasmalai is an Indian dessert flavored with rose water and cardamom, and it was Chandra's favorite childhood sweet.  These cupcakes are layered with a light and creamy ricotta filling and topped with rose water and cardamom buttercream frosting. 

The bourbon trail meets the spice route with our second cupcake, the Spiked Chai Cupcake. They are made of chocolate and bourbon cake and layered with spiced chai buttercream frosting.

Pumpkin garam masala.  based on a pumpkin tart that president barak obama served to prime minister manmohan singh, we've added a dash of garam masala to our traditional pumpkin spice cupcake and a fluffy vanilla buttercream frosting.  yum :) 

Spring cupcake: almond and jaggery cake with raspberry buttercream frosting.

March Cupcake: Guinness and Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting.


MelMoon Jams

Jams made with natural ingredients and manufactured in small batches in San Francisco


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Winter 2019 Pop-Up Locations

Check back for additional dates!

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